Ball Valves - Australia

High Pressure, Full Flow, Nickel Plated Brass Ball Valves in a range of sizes.

Quality Watermark Certified, Australian Tested and Approved to meet or surpass all applicable Australian Standards.

Proven in the field, long life, reliable service, positive quarter turn on off and flow rate regulation. Smooth operation ensuring a stop valve water tight seal to safeguard your precious resources.

Complies with all State and Territory Government Regulations that have mandated Watermark Certification for all plumbing fittings used in installations for the human consumption of water.

Watermark Licence No: WMKA 21968

                                         ATS 5200-012

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Contact Us for all available sizes and delivery prices. We specialise in bulk orders and fast service Australia wide. All our products are manufactured to the highest standards and top quality materials.


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       WMKA 21967-21968