Recommended fitting procedure when installing brass water outlets on plastic water tanks

  1. 1.Once tank is in position and you are sure of the location of the outlet, drill a hole in the correct location as parallel to the base of the tank as possible and at the height from the bottom of the tank recommended by your company.

  2. 2.The diameter of the hole drilled should be as close as possible to the larger external diameter of the threaded part of the brass outlet that you are fitting. Clean and dress the hole so it is ready to fit outlet and seal properly.

  3. 3.Make sure that the threads of the outlet are clean and in good working order i.e.: not damaged in transit.

  4. 4.Insert the outlet through the wall of the tank (from the inside) using the method recommended by your company.

  5. 5.Once the outlet is protruding from the inside of the tank to the outside.

  6. 6.Place the nut provided with the outlet over the end until it engages the left hand thread.

  7. 7.Hold the end of the outlet and tighten the nut counter clock wise until finger tight.

  8. 8.Apply Teflon, plumbers tape or the sealant recommended by your company to the right hand smaller thread of the outlet.

  9. 9.Screw Ball Valve onto outlet turning it clockwise until finger tight or until it causes the outlet to move.

  10. 10.Holding the Ball Valve firmly use the correct spanner to turn the outlet nut counter clockwise until desired pressure and seal is achieved.


The left hand / right hand design of the outlet ensures that tightening the outlet nut whilst holding the ball valve in position prevents any movement of the brass outlet and therefore almost all unnecessary stress to the seal

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